Dead State Update 4/6/14

We can tell you what you need to know...

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Dead State Update 3/16/14

We've made some improvements around here. Take a look.

Update #1 to Dead State's Early Access

Dead State Update 3/3/14

Let us show you around... This will be your new home.

Dead State: The First Seven Days on Early Access

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Dead State Update 1/20/14

I hope you're ready for what's coming.

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Dead State Update 12/3

This is the beginning of the end...

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Dead State Update 11/12

I think you'll like what we've done with the place ...

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Dead State Update 8/20

We're sending a group to scout out the Convention Center...maybe we'll find other survivors holed up there.

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Dead State Update 3/15

We've been working on our combat skills with Vic.

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Dead State Update 11/28

All alive inside... Our shelter's looking a lot better, but we still can't get to most towns. I think that will change soon.

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Dead State Update 6/14

We need to Kickstart this generator...

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Dead State Update 6/5

It has begun...

Dead State Update 4/24

We've got the skills to do this, take a look...

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Dead State Update 4/2

Our new upgrades are coming along nicely...

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Dead State Update 3/23

I think Davis took pictures of some of the new arrivals. They're around here somewhere.

Dead State Update 3/22

We got lost on the way back to the shelter. But now we're back. I don't think we lost anyone.

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